Qualities of Professional Moving Companies

A professional moving company should express certain qualities while they work. Check out these qualities from moving companies seattle.

1. A Professional Moving Company should be Mindful and Take Care of Your Things

It’s the unfortunate truth that some moving companies only think about the boxes that must be moved. However, you need a moving company that thinks about the important items inside of the boxes. Paying attention to “fragile” notes, carrying and packing with care, and wrapping furniture well should be on your moving company’s list of top priorities.

2. A Professional Moving Company should Fess Up to any Mishaps

While movers, of course, don’t intend to cause breakage, there are cases where breakage occurs. When it comes to moving, mishaps or unfortunate mistakes occasionally occur. If a mover drops a box, you’d want them to fess up to it and let you know. A mover that simply loads the box as if nothing has happened shouldn’t be considered professional. At On-The-Go Moving, we’re committed to letting you know if anything has been accidentally dropped or broken in any way. We’ll own up to it and take care of the damage.

3. A Professional Moving Company should be Licensed by the State

You would be surprised at the number of moving companies in Washington State that aren’t licensed, professional movers. There is a licensing process that moving companies are required to go through in order to operate professionally in the state of Washington. The process is long and hard, with lots of procedural checks and approvals. On-The-Go Moving has made the effort to become state licensed, proving our commitment to quality, reliability, and careful moving procedures.

Never settle for less when it comes to a moving company – your things should be in good hands. That’s what we offer at On-The-Go Moving – Professional, conscientious, honest service that will set you at ease. For more information about our services, take a look around our website. Also, feel free to contact us at any time to schedule your move. It only takes ten minutes. We look forward to hearing from you.

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